Fitcrack is a prototype of a password recovery solution capable of both stand-alone and distributed cracking. Our tool is currently able to recover passwords from encrypted PDF and MS Office documents, as well as passwords from encrypted ZIP, RAR, or 7-Zip archives.

Taking modern cryptographic algorithms into account, cracking on a CPU of a single machine is usually too slow to find a correct password in a meaningful time. Inspired by our single-machine tool Wrathion, we added the support for GPU acceleration using OpenCL and CUDA technologies.

For distributed computation, we use BOINC platform to establish a hybrid network of a CPU/GPU machines creating a virtual cluster, which can offer great computational power for more difficult tasks.

Fitcrack was created within the NES@FIT reasearch group on Faculty of Information Technology, Brno University of Technology. Rather than a ready-made product, it represents an experimental prototype primarily used for research and testing of new password recovery techniques. It is freely available under MIT license Since Fitcrack is an experimental prototype, you can only use it at your own risk. We will not be held in any way responsible for your decision. For using Wrathion we provide no support, or assistance.