In this section, you can download all software necessary for running Fitcrack.


By downloading our tools you agree with using them at your own risk. We will not be held in any way responsible for your decision. Please, keep in mind, that Fitcrack is an experimental prototype for which we provide no support, or assistance.

Fitcrack server

Fitcrack WebAdmin



  • Includes: BOINC server (Transitioner, Feeder, File deleter, Scheduler, ...), BOINC client and BONC manager
  • Download for free from BOINC website


Runner (sources only)

  • Note: Binaries are already present in Fitcrack server, however, we released the sources too for those who want to play and experiment. The README is coming soon...
  • Version: 2017-09-03
  • Sources: runner_src_2017_04_05.tar.gz

Older versions

The Original non-Hashcat version of Fitcrack and single-machine Wrathion tool are still available in our Download archive.