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In this section, you can download all software necessary for running Fitcrack.

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Fitcrack server v2.3.0 (stable)

  • Description: based on BOINC server 7.13, hashcat 6.1.1, installer included
  • Date: 2020-10-24
  • Download
  • Changelog:
    • A complete redesign of the dashboard
    • Improved server monitor
    • New charts with better look and performance
    • Upgraded to hashcat 6.1.1 (new algorithms and higher performance)
    • XtoHashcat update (RAR3-p detection, fixed PKZIP, SecureZIP, …)
    • Various bugfixes (benchmarking, user management, hash processing, …)
    • Hashvalidator is no longer needed
    • JQuery no longer needed
    • Updated user guide


To make a cracking node from a PC, you only have to install BOINC client and connect to your project server.