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In this section, you can download all software necessary for running Fitcrack.

DISCLAIMER: By downloading our tools you agree with using them at your own risk. We will not be held in any way responsible for your decision. Please, keep in mind, that we provide no support, or assistance for Fitcrack.


Fitcrack server v2.4.0 (stable)

  • Description: based on BOINC server 7.13, hashcat 6.1.1, installer included
  • Date: 2023-04-30
  • Download
  • Changelog:
    • Fitcrack can now be deployed using Docker (pre-built image or custom build)
    • Legacy installation ways still work and are better documented now
    • Upgraded BOINC to 7.27
    • Upgraded Hashcat to 6.2.6
    • Live monitoring of GPU on hosts (cracking speed, utilization, temperature)
    • Start/Stop/Discard/Purge features for multiple jobs at once
    • Various frontend improvements and changes
    • New watchdog over server daemons, BOINC, and Apache
    • Autoconversion of timezones: Users no longer need to enter time in CET
    • Improvements in Trickler daemon: stability, retransmission of lost messages
    • Update of Fitcrack documentation that covers new features
    • Big security audit: no more insecure public endpoints, fixed various issues
    • Manage user management: more descriptive, better handling of user mistakes, bugfixes
    • Improved stability of measureUsage daemon no more crashes when running for a long time
    • Login button is not clickable anymore when username/password is empty
    • New setting for dictionary attacks: fragmenting dictionaries on host machine
    • New button to unassign host from all jobs
    • New option users can now decide whether to use optimized hashcat kernels or not
    • Security: Flask now uses a pseudorandom secret token
    • Runner now logs BOINC errors when sending Trickle message is not successful
    • Updated Python modules and more versions are now fixed to prevent future issues
    • Lots of bugfixes
    • See full CHANGELOG HERE


To make a cracking node from a PC, you only have to install BOINC client and connect to your project server.