• For computing nodes, you can use any computer equipped with an OpenCL-compatible processor.
  • Can be run both within a Local Area Network (LAN) and over Internet (support for encrypted connections).
  • The number of computing nodes is limited only by the hardware used for server and interconnecting network.
  • Fitcrack employs an adaptive scheduling subsystem for the most efficient use of distributed network resources.
  • Computing nodes can be connected or disconnected during the computation process.
  • The system is robust with integrated failure safety.
  • Using the Fitcrack WebAdmin application, the operator can manage the cracking jobs easily.


The architecture of Fitcrack system is shown in the picture below. It consists of multiple subsystems of which some are server-side and others client-side.


  • Generator – generates new jobs for clients and employs the adaptive scheduling algorithm.
  • Validator – checks the result of each job for consistency and correctness.
  • Assimilator – processes valid results and updates the database.
  • Webadmin – is an administration interface for jobs and network management.
  • XtoHashcat – is our tool for automated format detection and hash extraction from various encrypted files.
  • Scheduler – schedules generated jobs and communicates with clients.
  • Feeder – feeds the scheduler with the generated jobs.
  • File deleter – deletes temporary, non-needed files.
  • Transitioner – ensures that the system is in a consistent state.


  • BOINC client – is the only application that needs to be installed on a computer to serve as a Fitcrack client.
  • BOINC manager – is a graphical application for easy configuration of BOINC client.
  • Runner – controls Hashcat, creates job reports, and handles client-side failures.
  • Hashcat – is the world’s fastest password cracker.