In password masks used within brute-force or hybrid attacks, you can use the substitute symbols ?1 to ?2 for custom characters. The custom user-defined character sets are stored within a charset file with a .txt, .hcchr or .charset extension, which may contain both ASCII and non-ASCII characters.

By clicking on the Charsets button in the menu, you will access a Charset manager:

For each charset file, you see its name (1.), the time it was added to the system (2.), a button allowing to download the file (3.), and a button to delete the file (4.).

By clicking on the name of the charset file, you can view its contents:

You can also directly edit the character set by clicking on the EDIT button, which will then turns into a SAVE button to save the changes.

In the lower section of the charset manager, you can select and upload a new charset file using your web browser: