New Job

You can add a new jobs by clicking JobsAdd job (3.) in Fitcrack menu:

Job name and input settings

At first, you have to choose a job name (1.), and optionally a comment (2.). Then, you have to select the input data, i.e. hashes to be cracked. Then, you have to enter the hash type (3.), if it is not detected automatically (see below). There are three ways (4.) to upload hashes:

  • Extract from file – For some encrypted formats like ZIP, 7z, RAR archives, or Office and PDF documents, you can upload the encrypted container and the hashes are extracted automatically. For such formats, you do not have to select the hash type (3.) since it is detected automatically.
  • Upload hash files – You upload a text file with one or more hashes. Each hash has to be on a seperate line.
  • Enter hashes – You choose to enter the hashes manually.

In the box below (5.), you can see the input hashes. The green symbol on the right side means that the hash is valid – its format meets the requirements for the given hash type. Please note, that only a job with valid hashes can be added to Fitcrack.

Attack settings

After specifying the name and input hashes, you have to choose an attack type. Fitcrack supports following attack types:

  • Dictionary attack – cracking using a wordlist,
  • Combination attack – combining two wordlist together,
  • Brute-force attack – exhaustive search based on mask(s),
  • Hybrid attack: wordlist + mask – wordlist passwords are appended by brute-force passwords,
  • Hybrid attack: mask + wordlist – brute-force passwords are appended by worlist passwords.

After selecting the attack type, you are prompted to set additional options for the given attack type. The details are described in a separate section.

Host mapping

In the next step, you can map one or more hosts to the newly created job. By mapping, you specify which hosts should participate on the job. Once the job is started, the server will create and assing workunits to the hosts which are mapped. To map a host, simply tick the checkbox next to the host’s name:

TODO – add (make) host mapping picture and finish this